My Thoughts on Bill Bryant (R)

Bill Bryant says he is an environmentalist, but I am concerned about his support for leasing Port Authority property to Shell to support their Arctic oil exploration. Let's ignore for the moment the fact that the Seattle mayor, City Countil and citizens were against the decision, and that the deal violated the Port's lease with the city. But if you truly care about the environment, how can you support an activity which has an almost 100% chance of leading to an oil spill which both Shell and the US Government admit they are not equipped to handle? I accept that Bill made the business decision to just take the easy money from Shell since the money would have undoubtedly gone somewhere else instead. But sometimes you need to choose your principals over profit.

Minimum Wage:
My bigger concern about Bill's work with the Port of Seattle is that the Port sued the City of Seatac to avoid paying that city's newly voted minimum wage. The Port essentially claimed they are not subject to city laws. That attitude just flat-out frightens me.

Bill has promised to fund education, but has not provide a single detail on how he will actually fund education other than cutting all other state services. This suggests there is actually no plan to fully fund education.

Government "Efficiency:"
He also claims education and all other services can be fully funded by simply making government more efficient. But if the State were truly wasting billions of dollars each year, don't you think any of the other politicians in Olympia would have pointed that out by now?

Bill rails against regulations and talks about removing excessive government regulations. However, I have yet to hear him suggest a single regulation he would actually get rid of.

What are Bill's Opinions anyway?
To be honest, it is difficult to determine how Bill would run the State. From what I can tell, he seems focused on critizing everything Inslee and Democrats do in general (yes, some of that is well deserved) but gives no specifics on how he would actually change things. He uses standard euphemisms about running government like a business and promises to fund everything, yet provides no details on how that would happen. In other words, I just do not believe he actually cares about changing anything except who is in the Governor's office.

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