Why Independent?

I am running as an Independent because I am disappointed — to put it lightly — with both parties. It is clear that neither party has any intention of actually solving the problems faced by Washington residents.

The Democrats claim they care, but they have been running the state for 30 years and yet the problems have certainly not gotten better. Many Republicans at least have the courtesy to admit they don't care.

I have actually been a life-long Democrat and have generally voted for Democrats. But in this race, I was forced to either vote for a Democrat I was less than ecstatic about, or a Republican who I am even less ecstatic about. (See my comparisons.)

The fact is I am a business guy who cares about people. So that puts me in the middle. Most of my opinions are in the middle. (See Opinions.) I am not liberal or conservative. I am sometimes progressive and sometimes, well, whatever the opposite of progressive is.

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