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Transparent Statement:
Politicians should be completely transparent.

Politicians should be completely honest and upfront about their opinions, priorities and motives. (Alas, as long as they need to get elected, they will continue to say things that voters want to hear — especially if voters continue to prove that they vote based on politicians simply saying what they want to hear.

Companies and other groups that are lobbying the government should be completely transparent about funding and motives. Lobbying will always happen, whether by billion-dollar corporations, special interest groups or simply concerned citizens. What matters is that these conversations happen out in the open, not behind closed doors.

Money should be transparent. There will always be money in politics, no matter what campaign finance laws are in place. The key is that it must be easy to know who is spending the money and not let money hide behind front-groups or organizations with intentionally misleading names.

My Opinions:
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