My Thoughts on Jay Inslee (D)

First, I will admit that I agree with Jay's announcement to continue to accept Syrian refugees. (I will ignore the obvious political calculation that he only issued his statement after President Obama did so.)

Carbon Tax:
Despite being a treehugger, I disagree with the carbon tax proposals. Not that I do not believe climate change is an issue, but because the proposals seems to be a blue-sky proposal that has no realistic chance of ever passing, but sounds good for appealing to your political base.

Capital Gains:
I was very disappointed that Jay proposed a capital gains tax to help fund education, but then did not put any real effort into getting it passed. (Yes, I am especially bitter since I spent quite a bit of my time testifying in favor it, even though it will raise my own taxes.)

Budget & Education:
As for funding education, I would not have accepted a budget that knowingly underfunded education to the point that the Supreme Court would have no choice but to find the State in contempt. I would have made the difficult decision to shut down the State government until we had a constitutionally-valid budget. I would not be content with a "solution" that simply says we are going to study the problem for the next few years.

Starting Teacher Salaries:
You know it's an election year when all of a sudden, Governors start campaigning for higher salaries for starting teachers, yet do not suggest how to pay for it. I must have missed his emphatic plea for this during last year's budget negotiations.

Poisoned Salmon:
Something is wrong when our supposedly environmental champion of a Governor gets chastised by the EPA for not issuing regulations on how much toxic chemicals companies may dump in our waterways, thereby poisoning fish — and ourselves when we eat them. The State delayed for so long that the EPA finally issued regulations for us. When Inslee finally did get around to this, somehow our regulations were significantly less stringent than the EPA's!

Boeing Tax Breaks:
I am not opposed to the tax breaks given to Boeing, although I hate what is essentially corporate blackmail. But I am opposed to the Governor publicly pressuing worker's unions to accept a labor contract they felt under-paid them by thousands of dollars each year, all while offering billions in tax breaks to Boeing.

Read My Lips:
I seem to recall a governor running for office saying he would not raise taxes. But then he tried to pass both a carbon tax and capital gains tax. (I readily admit we need to raise my taxes.)

30 Years:
The sad fact is that the Democrats have been running this state for 30+ years. And despite all their claims about caring, all of our current problems were created and made worse under their "leadership." (At least, many Republicans have the courtesy to not even claim they care.)

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