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Top-Two Primary

Transparent Statement:
The top-two primary system IS democracy. We should spread it to more states!

I am a huge fan of the Top Two Primary system in Washington. It helps to reduce the control the parties have over the elections themselves.

I am perfectly fine with candidates expressing their affiliation with a particular party during the election. Political parties can be useful in quickly determining whether a particular candiate shares the same opinions as you. This was especially important during a time when it was difficult for a candidate to share their opinions directly with voters. (This is clearly no longer the case though.)

I would love to see more legislators identify themselves first as a person with their own opinions, not just a party member. During the budget negotiations last year, it was clearly the Republicans vs. the Democrats. There was no crossing party lines. It was disappointing to see legislators act like cattle (no disrespect meant to cattle) and mindlessly get in line behind their "leaders.".

When the parties decide who can be on the ballot, this grants power to a party instead of the people. The Presidential primary is a perfect example of how the parties interfere with the people's right to democracy. Instead of the American voters choosing who will represent them as President, we are forced to accept the candidates who survive Party "caucuses" in a few states. That is just crazy.

There should be a national primary. I realize setting up campaign operations in every state is hugely expensive. But democracy is not about letting a few states — chosen by the parties themselves — decide who should be on the ballot.

It would be fantastic if our Presidential election worked the same way. As Governor (and later President!) I will try to sell this simple yet powerful change for improving politics around the country. (I neglected to mention that is next on my to-do list, after serving as Governor of course.)

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