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Prescription Drugs

Transparent Statement:
Drug companies have the right to set their prices and advertise. But you have every right to hate them for it.

We may all hate drug companies and prices, and sometimes rightfully so. But most drugs are not financed by the government, but rather private businesses which need to generate a return on their investment. There is no reason to expect drug companies to give their product away just to be nice. While that may benefit people in the short run, it will quickly lead to fewer new drugs.

Does it suck that you may not be able to afford a drug which could save your life? Well, yeah. But without private investment, that drug would not have existed in the first place.

I also agree that drug companies should have the right to advertise their products. If the product is legal, you should be able to tell people about it. Otherwise, all consumers are forced to rely solely on their doctors to be knowledgable about every drug that exists, which is just not possible.

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